Yekedero Addiction and The Side Effects of Yekedero

We all know sweets taste better when you nicely remove the wrapper and indulge yourself in all the luscious tingling sensations. But not all things need to be enjoyed with a breezy “yekedero” mentality.

Of course, once in a lifetime one has to experience yekedero to know it. So long as pre-caution measures are taken into consideration, that is consensual health checks from both parties.

And from there if all lights look green then it becomes much clearer to proceed without the apprehension of darkness.

Eventually some will perhaps take things far and beyond by delighting their partners with never felt before thrusts and gyrations – need we say more?

The Dangers of Yekedero Addiction

When we say “yekedero addiction” we mean just that – the carefree attitude of not being bothered about the future of one’s health to the point were stroking sessions are done haphazardly. Worse still if this is done via the means of other penetration portals, so as to speak. WARNING! 

There is always a reason why abstinence is highly recommended and that’s because yekedero is NOT the way to do things in all occasions. You are hereby advised to stick to one partner and conquer your yekedero addiction by avoiding flings with a bunch of randoms. Cheers!


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