What is Mvana?

Mvana is a Shona word for “single mother.” For example, if a woman gives birth to a child before being married and later on gets ditched it simply means she is a mvana.

Another example to which the word mvana is applicable is when a woman separates or divorces her husband. We can therefore consider this woman to be yet again a prime example of a mvana.

Connotations of the Word Mvana

In everyday society the word mvana is commonly known to have negative connotations which people associate with it to the point were some actually think the word is derogatory.

The main reason being, people don’t really understand what the word means. Hence some women freak out when they are referred to as mvana but are more than happy to be called single mothers.

Why Men Are Constantly Advised to Avoid Mvana

It’s no secret how some women who are also “mvana” have a tendency to tell their sons not to even fathom the idea of getting married to a single mother who is just like them.

So if there is one way to have a mother disown her son it’s just a matter of him bringing home a woman which she knows has got a child with a deadbeat who left her.

Furthermore men are also told to avoid mvana because that may result in unnecessary baby mama drama and being caught in crossfire when the baby daddy comes around.

Why Some Men Are Obsessed with Mvana

Some women who are mvana are more likely to be desperate in regards to find that missing piece they are constantly chasing due to social pressure or for cultural reasons.

For that reason men are well aware of this and boy do they use it to their advantage. They say it’s just a matter of loving the children of a mvana and that should grant you access to whatever your pleasurable needs are.

With that said, we can hereby move on to say some men although they are quick to throw shade at women who happen to be mvana, they are also hypocrites since they might attempt to get play from the same mvana.

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