The Future of Zimbabwe After Zanu PF Factionalism

Zimbabwe was already thrown into instability by the purging of Joyce Mujuru and other stalwarts based on Grace Mugabe’s wishes. From that point on, it was no longer the same party.

As the purging continued the scales changed with more and more people usually loyal to Mugabe becoming angry at him. So on one side was Mugabe losing grip and on the other more and more of his old followers uniting against him.

This situation now does not spell peace for Zimbabwe because the people who have finally revolted against Mugabe are not new people with new agendas for the country.

They are the old guards who have supported Robert Mugabe all along and are simply revenging and taking power FROM HIM. They will want to keep the power because THEY took it from the dictator.

They will not change the way business is done because they served in Mugabe’s government and trust his methods. The only reason why they revolted was because they got purged and General Chiwenga himself knew he would be the next because of his closeness to the purged Emmerson Mnangagwa, and thus made the move to prevent it by going for the take over.

Now Zimbabwe is a country under the same condition as most West African countries once were. A civil war is on the brink mainly because there is also an opposition which will not sit back and accept an indirect dynasty even if its not Mugabe’s family but his army.

They will be angry also because they were certain they will remove Mugabe through the ballot this time, but now that chance has been taken away. This means the elections will have to be postponed unless Zanu PF has a candidate already.

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