Olinda Chapel Blockville Explained

Ever since we were introduced to Olinda Chapel via the means of social media. Olinda Chapel has advanced from being just another pretty face in crowd, but to being a superwoman with intentions to uplift other women.
However Olinda Chapel has managed to coin the term “Blockville”. Well you can think of this as a means for Olinda Chapel to deal with trolls who have issues and nothing better to do with their boring lives.

How to Avoid Olinda Chapel’s Blockville

The most effective way to avoid being blocked by Olinda Chapel is to get rid of your twitter fingers. Some of you might not understand what “twitter fingers” mean but we will try to do our best to explain what that entails m’kay.
So basically twitter fingers are acquired through the process of being a failure at life. The following is a list of people who are more likely to have twitter fingers.
  • Keyboard Warriors (i.e people who are bored at work)
  • E-Thugs (i.e electronic thugs)
  • Trolls (i.e jobless people with access to free Wi-Fi) 
  • Internet Gangsters (i.e people who will never pull up in real life)

Keywords To Avoid On Olinda Chapel’s Facebook Live

There are a couple of keywords that will get you blocked by Olinda Chapel. She doesn’t want to see you posting the following keywords on her Facebook Live videos:
  • Stunner
  • Desmond Chideme
  • Tazzoita Cash Records
  • Dyonne Tafirenyika
  • Chantel Mungofa
  • Green Pepper
  • Miss Piggy
In essence if you don’t post your comments using those dreadful keywords mentioned above you should be safe from Olinda Chapel’s Blockville.

Olinda Chapel Doesn’t Tolerate Body Shaming

Body shaming is probably one of the most annoying thing Olinda Chapel has had to deal with. It’s so ironic how other women built the with the same figure as Olinda Chapel are quick to cast stones as if they don’t have mirrors in their houses.
Perhaps their husbands, boyfriends and blessers aren’t doing a good job reminding them how they look in their outfits. Anyways some people are just shallow minded so what can you do?

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